Letter from Sandy

Dear Friends,

It is my honor to represent you on the Lake County Board.  Four years ago, I pledged to work full time for you and to always do what’s best for the residents of Lake County, and I have kept my promise.  I am running to continue to represent you and to work full time advocating on your behalf.

I am so disappointed that my opponent has chosen to run a negative campaign, twisting facts to try to create confusion about my record.  I believe you deserve better, and that you want real information so that you can make an informed decision.   Now it’s important that I set the record straight.

I am proud of my fiscally conservative voting record, and what we’ve done at Lake County and Forest Preserves to reduce the burden on taxpayers while still providing excellent services:

·         I voted to freeze Lake County’s tax levy, resulting in savings to the taxpayer in that year and following years

·         Cut Forest Preserve budget 21% while opening more preserves and bike paths

·         Maintained a balanced budget, solidifying our AAA bond rating, enjoyed by very few governmental agencies

·         I voted to return over $1.2 million in excess bond revenues to LC taxpayers, again lowering property tax levies

·         I advocated for freezing property tax levies again for 2017, which you can see here at minute 56: 

                https://lakecountyil.swagit.c om/play/10192016-1353/

·         I also worked to create efficiencies across agencies, by creating more intergovernmental agreements, saving money and reducing the size of government

·         I reviewed and made changes to Lake County’s insurance programs, resulting in saving taxpayers almost $1 million.

I am proud to have received the endorsements and support from Republican, Democrat, and independent leaders across Lake County, who know it is not about the party but the person, as well as The Daily Herald, The Sierra Club, and The Farm Bureau.

As always, I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  You deserve straight answers. 


Thank you,