Candidate Profile for Sandra Hart - Q&A with The Daily Herald

Sandra Hart: Candidate Profile Lake County Board District 13 (Democrat)

Daily Herald

Why are you running for this office? If you are running for re-election, is there an important project you want to implement? If you are a challenger, is there a particular issue that motivates you? Please explain.

I am excited about our commitment to move people living with mental illness from the criminal justice system to treatment and long-term care. By doing so, we help people lead healthy, productive lives and reduce costs. I am proud to have been a long-time proponent of this work.

We must continue to increase efficiencies through collaboration, cutting costs and sharing best practices. My budgeting background is an asset as we evaluate the budget to find areas of opportunity, particularly now while people are being hit with high property taxes and Illinois struggles financially to meet its commitments to Lake County.

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